Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bye Bye 5laT Top

This blog wass real fun to keep open...i stopped posting for a while and tried to get other people involved but it didn't were closing shop...thanx for all the folks that hit us up with comments and views....we are gonna be moving to this spot called

Xtra Touch

you can go there to see Great urban, Gorilla, High to Low quality Photography

Me and my Boy Gabbs Taking Ova ya Diggs


peace and love

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New Blog

We Are Getting Ready to Launch a New Blog Centered on More Photography, Parties and Ny Lifestyle

Stay Tuned for that Xtra Touch

Biggest PARTY of the YEAR

ALIEN is back on the party tip. And you know where ever there's a ALIEN PARTY there will be MeLo-X on the One's and Two's. So make sure you dont miss it Especially if ya bday is in may. Bring yo ass Down. There will be fly hunnies and Special Guest performances we got some shit lined up for yall haha.

House Party-07

My Bday is Coming Me and my boy Rahsaan who share a Bday in the month of may Decided to Throw a Big ass House Party

Invites only must be on the list....SO HOLLA


Shouts to Brian From Good Look...For a dope Ass Photo Shoot a few Days Ago
More Flicks coming soon

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Razor Apple Likes The REMIX

This Morning i got a Email From Razor Apple Telling me how much they loved the Amy Winehouse Remix Album-Produced by MeLo-X. So I go to there site (as i do daily) and lo and behold they have a post up about the album.

I just want to say thanks to Will at Razor Apple and if you don't know about the album your sleeping check it out here at:

Mark Ronson(co-producer of Amy's album) will Be playing
it this Friday on his weekly radio show at East Village Radio.

And you can also pick up a copy at these select stores
Just go in and ask for one:
Reed Space
Sugar Head Quarters
The Brooklyn Circus